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yeah my wife does this! 500×473 px
Explain this one… × px
It’s that time of the year × px
Spared No Expense. 500×834 px
Better then The Hobbit × px
Betty White has some explaining to do 480×300 px
When you’re trying to quit smoking. everything looks like a damn cigarette. 309×125 px
Danish washing machines are pretty rude. 1024×798 px
Finally, my two favorite meals combined! 640×670 px
Pretty sure the cat knows my Mom will be traveling for Thanksgiving…and she is less than pleased. 1024×808 px
As a 5’3″ man, when my girl friends wear heels 960×685 px
Your house is on fire.. × px
Not the first thing to be unimpressed after I screwed it… 768×1054 px
I just take photo. 440×812 px
So I googled hipster. Was not disappointed. 460×688 px
I couldn’t resist… × px
Floating judgment box 720×750 px
Never talk to strangers × px
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