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Good Guy Drug Dealer 650×674 px
Seriously, did someone invented this? × px
Mmm, what’s that smell? 800×830 px
I work late nights. This is the look I get when I turn the lights on in my bedroom when I get home at 3am after work. 768×1054 px
Discussing Ferguson with friends 780×1765 px
The BBC somehow missed the subtle image on this guy’s t shirt… 540×990 px
Now that Thanksgiving has passed, let’s remember the reason for the season. 800×830 px
The Walking Dead [Black Friday Edition] 640×862 px
Kesha is secretly John Travolta. 385×270 px
So close…. 640×670 px
Construction Humor 720×570 px
Last night I asked Siri to tell me a bedtime story. She said no twice, but the third time she told me this heartwarming tale 576×1054 px
When the truth hits home.. 500×530 px
I think someone may have had some fun with the towels at target. 640×868 px
Sith Army Penknife 1024×466 px
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