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My dog everytime 280×155 px
Kitty has seen some shit. 242×302 px
Thank God, I’m saved! 720×523 px
So I caught this as I was waiting for my plane to take off 576×1054 px
Nickelodeon gotta chill 592×474 px
I now have a tradition every time I upgrade my phone. 600×833 px
Hey lady, you forgot how to pizza × px
My motel room last night had two oscillating fans in it. I quickly realized I wasn’t in a motel at all… 1024×606 px
Starting with nothing? I would’ve loved 720×594 px
Chuckie Cheese is a lot creepier than I remember 852×1166 px
Sushi place was closed today 1024×606 px
What’s it like to be a sex position? 720×1210 px
On the wall of my local pub…. 768×1054 px
I decorate cakes at a bakery. One of my 16 yr old colleagues ordered a cake for his 13 yr old brother. Today I finally got to make the cake I’ve wanted to make since I started here. 640×990 px
Buy some honey bro…. 800×1101 px
Compliment the chef 341×994 px
This Is Fine. 640×502 px
MRW someone asks my sister why she’s vegan. 300×167 px
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