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Vodka × px
Strange 540×941 px
I knew it, but this is ridiculous…. 540×750 px
A coworker’s daughter teaches English in Vietnam. She went to the school library to find a book for the kids and came across this. × px
Bitch told me it was a costume party 720×570 px
Learning to Throw Knives… 1024×1054 px
Trick or treat! 500×658 px
Sweet, sweet Russia! “Buy two bottles of vodka and get a free knife!” 650×515 px
Well La Di Freaking Da 996×1054 px
When you are so lonely you have to… 1024×741 px
These are the things people in my unit get in trouble for. (Camp Casey, South Korea) 614×1054 px
Sometimes copying and pasting is the hardest thing I do all day 572×227 px
For fucks sake Japan × px
Why do these exists? 500×697 px
So when do I receive my Nobel prize? × px
Rumpelstiltskin × px
Ron Swanson speaking the truth 500×405 px
frecklefart 382×1330 px
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