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The safest place in Ferguson… 1024×606 px
How do I upvote someone in public 1024×798 px
There’s only one thing missing from Jurassic World 630×450 px
Before we had kids, my wife pretended that we did. 453×634 px
Just chilling, dog 361×661 px
One of my more elderly customers gave me this because he “knows that I love technology.” 768×1054 px
In preschool we had to dress up of where we see ourselves in 20 years, my friend helped me with it. I was a cop.. 768×1054 px
With all the posts of Ferguson riots, I feel it is important we don’t forget about the Canadian riots. 370×207 px
There’s something not quite right about the guy on this pizza box… 720×1308 px
As a girl, this is way too true. 640×670 px
You got that right, a fire truck! 950×766 px
Chinese Citizens Gather In Beijing Square To Watch US National Debt Clock Strike $18 Trillion. × px
As a Brit, this is how I imagine black Friday in America. 499×298 px
I found a vegan slaughterhouse 575×514 px
Cosplay – Nailed it! 960×772 px
I’ve been training for years, Joe Rogan × px
most nonchalant lady getting hit by a car at the ferguson protests [video in comments] 1024×726 px
She just wants to study. 640×1166 px
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