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How to cook a fucking steak. Again 480×477 px
mmm, milkshake… 640×670 px
Slouch Level: 100 768×1054 px
Working at a retail store or a restaurant in a nutshell. 539×409 px
I’m off in 5 minutes, and I don’t come back to the office until December 1st 384×191 px
My sister dug this gem up of our younger brother. He looks like he’s seen some shit. 900×1230 px
Some graffiti in my town 576×1054 px
Oh my god please no 633×889 px
My sister thinks her cat looks like doge in cat form 1024×713 px
Do you even roll? 725×604 px
German bedtime stories – a little too realistic 610×1674 px
So, where can I take ya? 600×630 px
1 secret trick to get laid. 404×510 px
Let’s not forget the guy who was brave enough to whip out his dong in front of 5,000 angry feminists 960×670 px
My friend’s brother’s wedding photo…with their pastor in the background. × px
Not very bright 1024×1011 px
George Jones looks like an old Jim Carrey. 1024×798 px
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