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Everyone is excited about No Shave November, and I’ll just be over here like… × px
My daily struggle × px
Something important to know if you ever want to become a teacher 900×1230 px
Rabbit hole 455×580 px
Someone in my office has the right idea. 576×1054 px
It’s me, your daddy…. Roboiyto × px
This sums up my financial situation 540×569 px
7 Bags of Cheetos 331×1003 px
I stand by my choice × px
Nobody understands me… :/ 480×2105 px
Getting real tired of these radicals. 329×362 px
My favorite type of men × px
Damn moose eating my pumpkin! 720×990 px
Figured out what I’m handing out to trick-or-treaters this year… 768×1054 px
The Venus Flytrap 821×1490 px
“I” stands for an imaginary number 610×632 px
I love my physics class. 768×1054 px
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