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The ’90s in a single picture 701×969 px
my friend told me i should drink more water and then sent me this. o.o 453×750 px
Saw this sign in front of a burger joint in Asheville, NC 1024×1054 px
…and then everyone got a large 640×530 px
The portions at Burger King are getting ridiculous, french fry for comparison… 371×601 px
Don’t tell me how to dress… × px
It’s so beautiful… 700×401 px
Got tired of looking at the standing water outside the window. $8 well spent at the dollar store. 1000×593 px
Don’t tase yourself 576×1054 px
walking away 621×376 px
Not sure the NFL should be showing people in the stands wearing shirts like this… 800×511 px
Must be a man made lake. 676×580 px
Saw this unique sign in downtown Calgary. 640×1166 px
I send the credit card companies their own paperwork back. Screw them! 1024×798 px
Expert Selfie Taker. 350×508 px
Fashion advice × px
Meet Bropunzel!! 540×385 px
What happens when your parents don’t love you enough [Fixed] 500×530 px
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