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Found in my psychology textbook 900×1230 px
Passing at 70 mph on the highway when… × px
My friend’s thrilled cat on his birthday 330×360 px
My brother and I recreated a childhood photo. The hair has migrated… 1024×751 px
Single parenting has it’s perks. × px
I’ve been so blind…. 426×342 px
My son at his first Pumpkin Patch. × px
Roomba, the NOPE of dog world 500×697 px
As a guy getting out of the Marines and starting Community College 1024×798 px
That isn’t normal 1024×606 px
Oh god the acid is kicking in! 297×360 px
My commute gets shittier and shittier everyday. 768×1054 px
Being an ugly woman is like being a man… 405×634 px
Safe… eventually. 318×191 px
The solar system in an egg shell × px
Smoking hot 1024×798 px
Internet broke my imagination 553×9609 px
We finally fixed everything 886×536 px
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