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The big truth 594×633 px
Oh, shooting star, make a wish!! 331×750 px
what I accomplished at work 579×1054 px
I’ve never sympathized so strongly with a bird before. 340×249 px
Accidentally took a picture of my pumpkin with flash on. The results are horrifying. × px
I was having some issues getting the UPS delivery-people to leave my packages… Not anymore. 1024×533 px
CATank – we were sick this week – and a little bored × px
What a poser 640×670 px
You Shouldn’t Laugh, But. 640×990 px
My girlfriend is my boyfriend 500×212 px
My Chinese friend doesn’t understand English. This is her favourite top 637×656 px
Hodor? 442×750 px
Trick, not treat. 515×538 px
Ba dum TSS × px
What I want to be on halloween [fixed] 500×530 px
GODDAMMIT!!!!! 768×1054 px
Everybody loves Magicians 500×764 px
Guess which one got poured on the pancakes today 657×936 px
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