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I don’t know which way she is trying to go with this….. 1024×606 px
Every single night! 478×922 px
He couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t pumping. 576×1054 px
Well fellas this guy just “rolled back” the bar on marriage proposals…. 600×830 px
A class of schoolchildren was asked to write haikus. One wrote this. It’s a masterpiece. 537×750 px
Maybe a little on the nose 500×409 px
Starbucks in a nutshell 557×670 px
pitching 744×830 px
I saw him!! Im super cereal! 900×1230 px
I get all choked up. 497×750 px
Pretty sure that’s not what it’s for 726×1054 px
My 89-year-old grandpa, Popsie Doodles, drove past this statue and said, “why is that little kid getting butt fucked?” 600×830 px
My textbook explains internet trolls and how to deal with them 720×990 px
Our upstairs neighbor’s poop water backed up out of our sink 1024×786 px
Saw some love for Jeroom, thought I’d share my favorite. 1024×467 px
Cards for Humans 504×604 px
MRW in the morning people ask if I had too much coffee because I look irritable 500×679 px
Don’t know if it’s a repost. But, good sign Samsung:) × px
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