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A fun little coincidence on the front page! 657×150 px
Gee, I’m sorry… 486×162 px
We don’t need no educasion × px
No Nonsense Puma 494×382 px
My Dad used to put me in the sink while he was taking a dump. 1024×850 px
Black Rapunzel × px
My neighbor asked me if I could help him be a slave for Halloween. A tub of petroleum jelly and cotton for scars, fake blood, coffee grinds and a beige sheet, I officially feel awkward. Im going to hell. 683×1054 px
My girlfriend works for the concert committee at her college and was taking a picture with the opening act, when the headliner wanted to be included. 640×510 px
The old start your day and still sleep trick 502×271 px
My girlfriend and i went to a costume party last night as well, how did we do? 960×1310 px
Well…looks like this is my costume tonight. :/ × px
I work in a restaurant and this is how I plate our sausages, always. 1024×798 px
Hello, is this the starship Enterprise? 245×185 px
These fucking bees landed on my sock × px
Oh, Steve! 640×390 px
Bill lays it on straight. × px
Just in case you didn’t know 403×458 px
So my cat enjoys reading. 400×430 px
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