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Ratata 622×750 px
I was watching a video about a transgender guy and Facebook suggested this. 576×1054 px
Every damn time! 600×480 px
I forgot about this scene in Lilo and Stitch. So they’re annoying AND the reason we haven’t met aliens yet. 437×1054 px
My cat didn’t want me to do my chemistry homework. Seems like a valid excuse. 900×1230 px
We are at least 15, get it right. 734×1230 px
She just doesn’t get it… 790×2716 px
in the blink of an eye 500×1975 px
This is all I see when I look at Ralph Lauren’s $40M Bugatti… 436×636 px
Slammed on the brakes when I saw this 800×630 px
Trying to get Summer Assignments done. 768×1054 px
Not to be racist or anything. 460×710 px
Reddit: Browsing “Hot” for too long then suddenly clicking “New” 438×690 px
17 years later, The Simpsons could not be more relevant 499×405 px
My mother just asked me if I knew who the hacker, 4Chang, is. 595×426 px
Thought that was part of her hair, turns out it’s just a Dark Guy 480×670 px
Are we alone in the Universe? 663×990 px
I’d say she used the $144 worth of eye shadow before she was caught…. 640×1166 px
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