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So tired of these unrealistic beauty standards × px
Dear Ashley 600×661 px
Prevent the flu… by wiping your anus. 628×792 px
‘Barman, I’m gonna need two more beers please’ 421×234 px
Rule 1 of being a gangster: Wear clean underwear. 1024×797 px
Racist Nikon 768×1054 px
What A Thrilling Chase! 413×223 px
A dad asked his daughter to put her bike away neatly, and came outside to this 651×466 px
The Expedition 638×2030 px
Oh, so you’re interested in puppies? × px
I’d make a meat pun, but I’d probably butcher it 480×528 px
And people ask why little kids terrify me. 480×390 px
don’t underestimate me × px
This is the look I get when I don’t give him any of my food. 577×1054 px
Cheez-its are now banned at my school… 900×1230 px
Why I like tall women. 460×1552 px
I understand Randy Marsh’s pain. 576×1054 px
You go first! 400×590 px
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