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I’ve been watching these knives for two hours and they’ve done absolutely nothing to entertain me. What a waste of money. 768×1054 px
I gave an exam today. I dressed up as Gandalf, walked in, and shouted YOU SHALL NOT PASS. × px
A Night To Remember 640×510 px
This is why you should never leave Philly! × px
This would be the best show.. 500×612 px
Remeber Kids 720×521 px
Literature. 880×1390 px
Let me at it! 161×111 px
…now what did I want to be for Halloween this year?… OH YEAAAH! 900×1230 px
Going to milk it for what it’s worth 568×1166 px
Come on 5PM! 500×372 px
Please remain in the vehicle at all times. 360×200 px
Got my council elections in the mail 438×674 px
Do you have Ebola? (Fixed) × px
Old but gold 800×613 px
the checkup 388×1017 px
Alert: ESL textbooks in Korea are onto us. 500×733 px
KFC’s New Burger × px
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