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Yang Yajuan’s take on life × px
Gonewild in a nutshell 320×240 px
Favorite modern family scene × px
My computer says I don’t have admin privileges 372×224 px
Nicolas Cage day! 736×1134 px
Emotional scars 400×430 px
Think of the families.. 400×430 px
I’d think the same thing × px
Is…is that…? 610×3399 px
Pretty much what buzzfeed “articles” are now-a-days 482×666 px
I had a life.. × px
Sanity: a truly awful affliction 297×710 px
Because we all need some uninterrupted pillow talk × px
They tortoise one to pieces 620×429 px
Everyone should know that feel… 460×455 px
I found this masterpiece 625×965 px
Possibly the stupidest thing you’ll ever read. 640×990 px
School Logic 189×297 px
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