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Bill Nye in da Club × px
Helping kids have fun :D 500×565 px
Oh Sean Bean… 594×377 px
The moment you realize you’re a cat 365×412 px
I’m immature and dyslexic (OC) 1024×606 px
My 6 year old got a 90 on her spelling test this week. I say she got a 100. × px
Instructions unclear… 640×990 px
True 1024×798 px
Someone didn’t think this through 1024×961 px
When ebola is spreading but you still gotta look fly 717×570 px
In my friend’s first acting class, all the students had to give him a list of roles he might be right for based solely on first impressions and looks — this is that list… × px
The End is Near 900×930 px
Actually I planned that. 692×722 px
Girlfriend asked me to throw away the box and packaging stuffs from our new bed frame before leaving for work, I did her one better. 900×1054 px
My husband decided to dress as Pat from “It’s Pat!” for Halloween in 1994. His mom just sent me this photo. Now I know I married the right man. 640×657 px
Seriously? 350×545 px
I clogged the toilet :/ × px
Quite possibly the best thrift store find in history 720×990 px
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