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My gf’s cat Tommy is so lazy he just lays there with his head in the food bowl. 900×1230 px
Wipe clean with a what? 782×1054 px
pretty much my life 526×543 px
Classic Chuck 1023×687 px
I thought this was great 526×299 px
Vote Odin 720×750 px
The soul of the A-10 Thunderbolt II 1024×681 px
After years of searching I found my spirit animal! 625×655 px
My boyfriend said he wanted a Reese’s Pieces Rhesus Jesus birthday cake. He didn’t think I’d take him seriously… 577×1054 px
U.S. citizen 551×376 px
Either or × px
Yes, that is an acceptable answer. 1002×700 px
Welcome to Moose Jaw! 720×510 px
As if I don’t get downvoted enough on here I got downvoted in real life today 768×1054 px
Majestic as fuck 577×1054 px
My stepdad has just a couple emails he forgot to check. 768×1054 px
I took some photos at a family members wedding, this one caught me by surprise 1024×713 px
Billy and Mandy was a great show. 500×602 px
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