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YEAH! That makes it so much easier to remember to my password! × px
Good to know that I stay on top of things when I’m drunk 640×1166 px
Not hard to tell where the rich live vs. where the poor live × px
I filled the door to my office with a life-sized print of myself working at my desk. Nobody noticed when I left early. 765×1054 px
This lady really loves her pets… × px
Saw some pants at work that gave me a laugh 768×1054 px
Feel my leg, I just shaved! × px
I would go to this just to see their crap! 506×427 px
Couldn’t park next to this. 540×990 px
My brother goes to an all boys high school and I guess you could say they get a little bit excited when the cheerleaders come out 640×448 px
Like a fucking boss 624×2136 px
So my friend has been told he looks like Gene Wilder. He put it to use this Halloween. 1024×711 px
Not sure if repost, but it’s new to me 500×362 px
Most depressing mannequin I’ve ever seen 768×1054 px
How a Jedi takes a Halloween selfie 1024×883 px
Meanwhile in Moscow 600×474 px
Clearing up Ebola 834×1031 px
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