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Elijah Wood also visited Paris recently 501×670 px
A friend of mine posted this on Facebook × px
Snoop is a poetic genius 460×491 px
I need to quarantine my sense of humor × px
So apparently AT&T has my number defaulted into some new iPhone 6′s. 437×1230 px
Supervillian origin stories used to be….Decidedly simpler. 472×730 px
For the ladies and some gents (I don’t judge). 400×249 px
I’m confused. Do I eat this? 768×1054 px
He’s a real tough one he is × px
Males 550×525 px
The best part is they light it up all night. × px
Bravo, I found him. 960×759 px
How to count to ten 460×426 px
Nope, not a clur × px
Actually, I kind of think it is. 1024×609 px
Step 1: Cut a hole in the box… 768×1054 px
The cat has been pretty bad lately, so… × px
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