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Funny Tesla plate in my city × px
The media’s double standard on naked celeb leaks is laughable. 748×1054 px
Best excuse I’ve seen yet. 580×448 px
Stay strong …. × px
19 y/o, conservative, christian girl just posted this complaining about midterm week… I don’t think she really read the bottom word. 640×670 px
No matter what is going on in your life, don’t get caught doing the “deep throat banana” selfie in your cubicle. × px
Change Over Time 466×642 px
This just popped up on my Facebook feed… 600×478 px
This guy’s been giving me a creepy look all day 1024×1054 px
“Chicken Parmesan”…that’s what my school calls it 765×1054 px
Tumblr.gif × px
Who said camels were gentle? 350×342 px
10 points for creativity. × px
Good call, Target 574×990 px
The Backstage Handbook thinks it’s funny… 1024×795 px
Awesome Tea Mug 610×434 px
The 90s… 540×1084 px
The bottom half of the mirror at the hairdressers is glass. It confused me for a second when someone sat on the other side. 576×1054 px
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