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The S5 is too damn big… × px
It took me a few minutes to explain to my wife the new suggestions on my Netflix page 1024×217 px
Do you think before you speak? 513×617 px
Break the internet. 577×1054 px
Why does every religion lead to men wearing dresses ? 700×2384 px
I’ll be there an hour early. × px
Once again, Walmart. 398×342 px
I snowboard, my friend skis. We decided to swap… 960×750 px
I like this idea, I’m not even famous!- no interaction for me today, all I need is 20 dogs :/ 700×690 px
Love others… 620×489 px
My parents are upset that a wind turbine is being installed and will “spoil their view” 614×1054 px
The couple in the background of HIMYMhas been through a lot 429×1054 px
Coke can really fuck you up 543×3069 px
Somewhere In INDIA 500×630 px
These peanuts are playing volleyball with the cracked open carcass of a fellow chocolate peanut. 540×990 px
I can show you the world 576×1054 px
My wife’s friend couldn’t figure out how to print from her tablet… I came home to this… 768×1054 px
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