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Everyone telling me about their preordered iPhone 6. 707×628 px
Seen on the streets of NYC 900×1230 px
In wake of all this new technology over the last decade: from smartphones to IWatches… 600×220 px
…soon…very soon… 566×552 px
Probably the worst slogan they could’ve picked for this event 768×1054 px
Please! 1024×925 px
I’ve waited years to get a kitten, an instant karma machine. She has failed me. So here, take this Reddit, take Nutmeg in all her glory. 480×726 px
Oh please let this become a thing (Ron Jeremy meme) 460×456 px
I thought this was funny 640×509 px
I need this sign at work 461×568 px
Oh shit… that wasn’t grass 720×990 px
Gotta love a car salesman with a sense of humor. 405×636 px
Life before google. 500×526 px
Dear Scotland 480×270 px
Adequate Pregnancy card. 620×1319 px
Hmmmm… people do suck 522×431 px
Every now and then, the metro newspaper strikes gold. Bravo. 576×1054 px
Bye guys. 500×311 px
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