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Alien from Scotland × px
Friend posted this. Ignore his spelling if you can. 640×508 px
Subtle… × px
This ain’t no 640×1166 px
Posted the “Medical Alphabet” pic to a doctor friend’s Facebook. This was his response. 960×750 px
I have already won. 720×570 px
Fucking Neal… 640×990 px
That look of disappointment 620×816 px
Asshole. 1024×798 px
FOX News is confused again 650×412 px
All he needs now is a pumpkin spice latte… × px
A friend of mine tried to sketch everything our russian prof. said during lecture 1024×798 px
It… It actually worked 352×288 px
Thanks, bro! × px
Nosy bastards. 500×490 px
Thanks… But I’ll pass Skyline. 576×1054 px
My cousin works as an EMT. If you misspell a word you have to wear the C-Collar until the next person messes up 960×570 px
Wanted a picture of my pets. All I got was terror. 749×1054 px
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