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“Oh look a wasp’s nest…” 477×268 px
Wheel of Fortune 480×536 px
Important Public Service Announcement from the Media 1024×288 px
Found out why my electric bill was high this month × px
A hero when we needed it the most 503×419 px
Deal! 500×697 px
Love them Canadians × px
Damn potholes 600×480 px
Why dinosaurs are really gone 420×504 px
Nice Tan 541×555 px
No thanks. 480×510 px
My girlfriend and I went to costume party last night, how did we do? 640×1166 px
Vodka × px
Strange 540×941 px
I knew it, but this is ridiculous…. 540×750 px
A coworker’s daughter teaches English in Vietnam. She went to the school library to find a book for the kids and came across this. × px
Bitch told me it was a costume party 720×570 px
Learning to Throw Knives… 1024×1054 px
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