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We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster. 900×1230 px
Dear Reddit: Normal programming will resume shortly. 480×394 px
I hate when she parks in the stairwell. 960×750 px
Walmart in the South 1024×1030 px
Yep 725×866 px
My girlfriend decided to start watching walking dead, she sent me updates while I was at work 540×990 px
This is what happens when you park in a reserved spot at my company. 480×670 px
Excuse me. Your headlights are on. 900×1230 px
This box has been in our hallway for several days now. It seems someone I work with has jokes. 576×1054 px
Damn it Siri! 540×990 px
April is the embodiment of Reddit. 642×1061 px
After listening to this generations music, ive realized this sums it all up 605×990 px
Well played Domino’s Pizza… 768×1054 px
Arch enemies… 640×503 px
a gal I know just got her tubes tied and shared this photo 640×670 px
The Rock looking more like The Pebble 558×879 px
I’ve been watching these knives for two hours and they’ve done absolutely nothing to entertain me. What a waste of money. 768×1054 px
I gave an exam today. I dressed up as Gandalf, walked in, and shouted YOU SHALL NOT PASS. × px
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