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Turns out there were no beaches near the house I stayed at in Hawaii but I’ll be damned if I brought my snorkeling gear all that way for nothing. 1024×606 px
I bet he did 640×990 px
Not today, Ebola 300×290 px
Yes! My favorite band! 391×472 px
Still one of my favourite scenes × px
I love this show… 502×412 px
Saw this at school this morning….. 720×990 px
Talking and walking is complicated × px
You can always tell exactly which child made the rest of the family go into Hot Topic 1024×798 px
There’s something wrong with these panda 460×501 px
My friends Halloween costume 577×1054 px
Childhood × px
Double take. 768×1054 px
In response to the /r/oddlysatisfying party store isle, I give you Kmart. 579×1054 px
There’s a fine line between genius and stupidity × px
Nailed it. 716×746 px
Classic Leonard 500×607 px
Don’t we all, Darren? × px
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