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Cards Against Humanity – sometimes the stars align perfectly 900×1230 px
And then you realise, you’ve never seen a true sausage fest. 1024×660 px
With some help from the comments i finally found a solution! 1024×607 px
upcoming elections 816×1030 px
I tried installing a 10 year old game on my computer… 473×204 px
Car salesman. 463×1213 px
Wow, he must really love him :,) 639×934 px
What’s his secret 640×670 px
Someone doesn’t know how to math. 1024×798 px
How you know you live with a woman. 1024×798 px
Every time a girl says hi to me. 460×1340 px
What it looks like when your mind is being blown 640×670 px
You’re gonna go far, kid. 620×448 px
Looks like iPhone 6 delivery is here! 400×380 px
So I saw this girl summoning Satan at my friend’s wedding 579×1054 px
Lower Case -a 600×480 px
My 3 y.o. lab had a really bad tumor and we had to put her down last week. Looking through old pics of her I found these. 720×750 px
Lie down 404×420 px
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