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You’d screw your own sister × px
Found in Canada 500×697 px
Sure Bank of America.. I suppose the beaten, dead seal is as good a choice as any? 640×990 px
My little buddy is a bit clingy in the morning. × px
I told this joke to an Amish co-worker when she asked, “do you know any jokes that are work appropriate?” 460×990 px
Only 40 more days… 500×375 px
Sad Zombie. 900×1230 px
best fishing trip ever! 640×661 px
IPhone 6 vs. Nokia Brick, I think you can see the true winner… 519×658 px
Flawless pricing structure. × px
No! Bad bird! 255×163 px
Chipotle’s CEO on gay marriage 640×1166 px
Sometimes you have to wonder how smart universities really are… × px
As a Scotsman on the losing side, this is what I have to say… 1024×606 px
Siri Lies. 640×1166 px
The definition of smooth × px
He made a career out of it 460×1446 px
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