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I for one, find this utterly surprising. 1024×860 px
*cackle* 500×525 px
I feel like he might get pulled over often. 1024×798 px
Well, today is off to a great start! 576×1054 px
Let the conspiracy theories begin 1024×798 px
Let’s play spot the Canadian 600×830 px
Traveled to America and got the chance to feed a human. 540×990 px
Deepthroat × px
Someone thought it would be hilarious to modify a tree in a graveyard in my hometown. They were correct. 768×1054 px
Zombie prank with an amputee 500×382 px
halloween at my school 900×1230 px
Gift from God for Halloween. × px
‘Warm notice’ 599×832 px
Wow. Okay printer. Okay. 716×990 px
Emotional Scars 400×430 px
Forever my favorite commercial 427×240 px
Aladdin the jerk 400×225 px
Next time you can’t remember a password… 637×223 px
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