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Help! Unknown Resolutions px
You see that honey? What is that? 480×270 px
Jackie Chan posted this to Facebook saying “I am a rollerblade” 700×489 px
SCHOOL is now in session. 160×280 px
My dog hit the jackpot 1024×798 px
It could happen to you! 609×748 px
… robots in disguise 1024×606 px
She stood like this for about 5 minutes 1024×1054 px
Don’t sync iTunes to your desktop 1024×670 px
‘Tis Requisite to Procure the Lot of Them! × px
Instructions unclear, caught son instead. 900×1230 px
Happy Halloween! 428×761 px
I was the best man in my friend’s wedding. I was the tallest in the whole wedding party…I’m only 5’10″. This is how I felt. 450×1230 px
My coworker doesn’t appreciate fingerprints on his screen… 1024×798 px
Oh, thats a C. 768×1054 px
My Dad just got back from a trip from China, saw this sign… 640×510 px
A Model Couple Unknown Resolutions px
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