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my little ninja-in-training × px
My university has a sense of humor × px
My cousin saw a 70 year old grandmother open this umbrella while dropping off her grandson at school… × px
Friend said he ate chicken with Mike Tyson last night… I told him “Go Home YOUR DRUNK”!! 768×1054 px
It’s true 581×695 px
Discretion is the key really 310×237 px
I’ve waited two years for this. Do I get karma now? × px
I don’t think she gets it… × px
Socially Awkward 459×471 px
Must have been a tough morning 296×424 px
Sometimes all three × px
Double Standards 683×711 px
Apparently this movie got three stars 580×868 px
And I’m instantly transformed into a 14 year old boy. × px
Anyway, here’s Wonderwall. × px
told the new lad at work we accidentally bought long grain rice, so he spent half an hour chopping them in half × px
I totally hit dat × px
My local news had one of the best typos ever tonight. × px
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