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Sometimes you have to wonder how smart universities really are… × px
As a Scotsman on the losing side, this is what I have to say… 1024×606 px
Siri Lies. 640×1166 px
The definition of smooth × px
He made a career out of it 460×1446 px
I asked her to smile for the camera × px
…NOW 1024×798 px
I don’t know what it is about my cat, but he’s got this huge ass. 1024×795 px
I just dropped $25 at this bar and played this song repeatedly. 577×1054 px
thought it was a backpack at first 768×1054 px
We haven’t been getting a lot of business 1024×607 px
What a deal! × px
Overly-Manly Australian 894×1054 px
You speak the truth, JB HiFi employee 897×1230 px
My friend got this card after a party at his house one night. × px
The Simpson’s Facebook page posted this, I love it 552×340 px
If 1 out of 4 people down vote this, then we have proof that John Oliver is awesome 526×299 px
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