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Our upstairs neighbor’s poop water backed up out of our sink 1024×786 px
Saw some love for Jeroom, thought I’d share my favorite. 1024×467 px
Cards for Humans 504×604 px
MRW in the morning people ask if I had too much coffee because I look irritable 500×679 px
Don’t know if it’s a repost. But, good sign Samsung:) × px
Not sure if tip jar… 900×1230 px
it’s october 608×830 px
A bit of inspiration I look at daily. 640×458 px
You can always depend on the kindness… of Aussies… 1024×1054 px
I am Funny, Right? 620×723 px
How to Use Chopsticks 500×278 px
Unprovoked alligator attacks dog 383×233 px
Honey Badger Don’t care 312×178 px
So much disappointment 502×264 px
Drove by this guy today, and his jacket was hilariously inflated 768×1054 px
Trying to learn a new language is hard 640×990 px
Truly man’s best friend 790×1082 px
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