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I ain’t no commie 600×429 px
Shit. 640×1166 px
She means well… 640×1166 px
Everytime I get downvoted to oblivion and can’t decide whether or not to delete my post. 843×663 px
“OH Dear…honey, i think they’re about to blow up the plane. God help us.” 540×570 px
This is still my favorite thing to text my buddies when they don’t respond for a while. 302×258 px
Aim to please 960×750 px
That’s a strange looking cookie 600×830 px
Showed up for work like this today… 576×1054 px
Fat Guy 101: How to take a selfie 792×830 px
As an American this is how i imagine Brits on black fri….. i mean always 450×658 px
Local news headline today. 577×1054 px
Best explanation of love × px
Too soon? 540×990 px
Have a badass Thanksgiving, Reddit. 640×670 px
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