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And I love my pizza! 480×350 px
Girlfriend and Friends all went to visit family for Thanksgiving but I got stuck at work. Didn’t realize how depressing my dinner purchase must have looked til I got home. × px
Samuel L Jackson as the Wizard in the Wizard Of Oz 604×864 px
I’m too tall for this… 768×1054 px
Saw this on a bus stop bench 1024×606 px
Oh, Mike Tyson × px
So My Boss Calls Me To A Meeting On My Day Off, Then Asks Me to Arrange The Meeting Room 768×1054 px
The Real MVP 501×610 px
I woke up to find a message from my SO… 704×990 px
Racist rap battle 460×1309 px
Found your momma’s Christmas present. 768×1054 px
Religious Wars 599×813 px
Once you go black… (FB) 469×151 px
Just out of curiosity 1020×427 px
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