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So, my university decided to post these all over the campus. This one was found on the band room door. 900×1230 px
Bad cop no doughnut 640×390 px
Bulls aint shit let me take a selfie. × px
Stats textbook 478×670 px
21 Jump Street, Australia. 1024×712 px
The saddest cookbook ever 525×730 px
Sorority vagina (SFW) 453×750 px
My father got a 3D printer and created this. So proud! 1024×606 px
Love these signs, if only people would respect other drivers. 1024×606 px
A Canadian Robbery 500×419 px
Saw a pretty cool cabin today. Mint condition. It looks like nobody’s ever been in it. xpost from /pics 1024×798 px
The best part of fall and winter 640×391 px
Just about lost it when I saw this 852×1166 px
Mel Brooks – The Only Filmmaker Able To Pull Off Rape Jokes – Trigger Warning: Hilarious 480×390 px
After the condom emergency girl, this is becoming an epidemic. 598×647 px
Lawsuit by Apple in 3,2,1(HAHA) 720×990 px
Tips for the youngsters 550×426 px
I just can’t…… help myself….. 250×233 px
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