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Looks like iPhone 6 delivery is here! 400×380 px
So I saw this girl summoning Satan at my friend’s wedding 579×1054 px
Lower Case -a 600×480 px
My 3 y.o. lab had a really bad tumor and we had to put her down last week. Looking through old pics of her I found these. 720×750 px
Lie down 404×420 px
75 cents at the local thrift. worth every penny! 768×1054 px
Loving my new Peyton Manning shirt 640×591 px
The turtle Cavalry means business 653×866 px
Where do you find such Children!! 650×680 px
An encouraging message I found on a tree. 768×1054 px
83% True × px
Put er there Frank … Shit Bill how the FUCK are ya! 198×257 px
In a world of political correctness… 592×458 px
The South Park wiki really helps explain the difficult intellectual jokes in the series. 511×292 px
False Advertising 700×780 px
To the guy with the “best senior photo” × px
Sometimes I just don’t understand advertising. 1024×606 px
Onward steed! We attack at dawn! 701×466 px
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