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Local pizza place had this hanging up. 576×1054 px
I wish my dad told me this when I was young 600×621 px
I’ve been 6’3 since I was 12. This giraffe understands my struggle. 600×920 px
Damn it, I literally just sent my RSVP in yesterday. 640×1166 px
When you and your friends are drunk as fuck at the club and notice another group equally as drunk 500×397 px
Some poor redditor lost their cats today 1024×798 px
Being forced to go to Church as a kid 480×270 px
When my roommate knocks on the bathroom door… 500×743 px
I can’t wait to have children of my own someday… × px
I wonder if she is worried about a yeast infection. . . 640×887 px
Saw this while in the doctors office today. × px
Everything’s bigger in Texas 494×350 px
How to do homework in college 500×269 px
Get rekt. 500×380 px
My friend found this gem on Tinder 640×1166 px
Reddit in one picture 768×1054 px
How I Feel Most Of The When I Hear People Say They’re “Offended”. 720×570 px
Jumbotron board operator was on fire at the Dallas Stars game! 630×455 px
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