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Still makes me giggle. 600×630 px
I’m going to go out on a limb and say the feeling isn’t mutual 919×1054 px
I hate that shit… 460×281 px
My friend’s reaction to a message she got today. × px
Doppelganger³ 480×400 px
That last guy just wants to be part of the group 384×288 px
My girlfriend just sent me this from her physics test. × px
Did you even watch the movie Netflix? 1024×606 px
Life’s lessons × px
Intervention 607×1054 px
Purgatentiary. 331×425 px
And people say that we, metalheads, are violent 1024×712 px
I love waking up to the sight of my beautiful newborn son. 1024×831 px
None shall pass 475×701 px
Saw this on the highway driving through Nashville 554×446 px
So my brother said he was going to cook for us. We came back home to this…. 768×1054 px
Squares work too! 768×1054 px
I too was put in charge of picking out the shower curtain 900×1230 px
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