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Somewhere in Kentucky… 720×320 px
Legs for days 960×750 px
Wake up sheeple 412×347 px
Instagram is easy. 640×670 px
Just saw this in China × px
My wife is a store manager at cvs and found this… 900×1630 px
So my wife saw this on the way to work today… 768×1054 px
My BF shut my idea down real quick. 417×798 px
Just moved into an apartment and received this letter from a neighbor a couple weeks ago. 720×990 px
The most valid statement I’ve ever heard. × px
Flying along with my buddy, when suddenly… nice… 576×1054 px
4 years ago I was depressed, so I decided to start taking care of myself: I started to learn Photoshop. It wasn’t easy and I almost gave up several times.. but now I am finally proud to say I made it and I feel good about myself 759×777 px
Aw…Hell (x-post /r/gifs) 353×198 px
This is what happens when your dumbass manager doesn’t believe that dough will continue to rise. 758×1054 px
My mother always comes up with the weirdest birthday cards 579×1054 px
Seriously Amazon? 900×1230 px
Halloween mask found at Walmart. × px
I work in an office. You can imagine my delight when I got this phone call last week. 519×758 px
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