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I love it when things come together like this × px
Was the guy on the flight related to THIS guy? 600×630 px
French Kiss 351×293 px
Arguing with a girl. 576×1053 px
I don’t remember this Ninja Turtles episode! 500×405 px
Still my favorite from that account. 617×326 px
Alternate universe. 612×822 px
She titled it “Driftwood” 720×570 px
Save the snails! 480×366 px
I get texts from a number I don’t know every once in a while. I haven’t blocked it because (s)he sends this shit. 576×1053 px
-_- Poker Face It 640×461 px
So my dad has this shirt 708×992 px
Funny Tesla plate in my city × px
The media’s double standard on naked celeb leaks is laughable. 748×1054 px
Best excuse I’ve seen yet. 580×448 px
Stay strong …. × px
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