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Couldn’t park next to this. 540×990 px
My brother goes to an all boys high school and I guess you could say they get a little bit excited when the cheerleaders come out 640×448 px
Like a fucking boss 624×2136 px
Not sure if repost, but it’s new to me 500×362 px
Most depressing mannequin I’ve ever seen 768×1054 px
How a Jedi takes a Halloween selfie 1024×883 px
Meanwhile in Moscow 600×474 px
Clearing up Ebola 834×1031 px
Cowa-pumpkin, dude 720×750 px
Budget’s been slashed 600×1716 px
What playing with action figures felt like as a kid. 245×138 px
University is a piece of cake right? 640×641 px
Will continue to monitor. 500×530 px
A face swap we can believe in. 960×927 px
In an unusual turn of events, Amazon has decided to mail me 72 Chinese Finger Traps instead of my multivitamin. × px
Not even once… 480×750 px
Stoner logic 605×763 px
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