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I’ll just leave this here 1000×1530 px
Christian Mingle 606×560 px
Billy started his day with 12 fucks… 600×506 px
Someone added this to my chem textbook 500×405 px
Finally an honest candidate 400×556 px
What do you call a pile of cats? 700×730 px
Migraine inducing logic. 720×431 px
Im haunted by the things I’ve done for a Klondike Bar × px
Every ****ing day. Every single ****ing day 668×597 px
I don’t think I’m flexible enough to eat here. 900×1230 px
I wonder what the weirdest way to piss somebody off is 1023×1053 px
I hate Steve. 604×558 px
Son of a bitch. I need a pair of scissors to open this pair of scissors. 526×556 px
Oh it all makes sense now. × px
Well since you put it like that… × px
The abdomenable snowman. × px
The abdomenable snowman. × px
I FUCKIN’DID IT!!!! I should buy a lotto ticket × px
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