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So my girlfriend just got a finger surgery. This is how they wrapped it.. 900×1230 px
I asked Google what type of animal the Grinch was. Was not disappointed. 720×1310 px
How I imagine guys with no link karma and tons of comment karma 543×620 px
Google continues to kill it 1024×502 px
Poor Luigi × px
My nephew got a new beanie… 1024×606 px
Drank last night… 540×580 px
That’s Right. 459×614 px
The most loyal companion 640×1166 px
Well that’s awkward… 640×1166 px
zero percent discount comics are worth a look 1024×676 px
Chopsticks. 573×465 px
I hope it’s a ps4 481×511 px
You know it’s a bad neighborhood when… 900×1230 px
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