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My dad (math teacher) sent me this with the caption “I’ve had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfuckine plane” 340×284 px
Chemistry professor delivered today… 768×1310 px
Gary Busey’s way of wishing everyone a happy Halloween. 552×444 px
Hey… my eyes are up here. 1024×798 px
Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! Party time! Excellent! 768×1054 px
Don’t be stupid. Fire lessons from Fireman Chang. 602×364 px
Watching out for all the ghosts tonight × px
My aunt lives in Australia. Here’s what she carved for Halloween. 716×990 px
My wife asked me if I wanted half her twix. She thinks this is a game. 1024×606 px
A poem 480×670 px
the closest I’ll get × px
My team did a great job with our Halloween costumes this year…..Everything is Awesome! 1024×606 px
“No one has time to do that!” Challenge accepted. 1024×798 px
Kid at my school dressed up as Rob Ford 639×872 px
Tyrone Lannister 550×664 px
I saw this on my way to school. Made my day 765×1054 px
What’s your favorite truck? 640×670 px
I’ve been sending TPS Reports to everyone’s printers all morning… × px
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