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Congratulations Aang 642×851 px
The internet has ruined me 574×1049 px
Good ‘ole Meth Valley, Indiana. 900×1230 px
This happens way too often… 540×783 px
This isn’t even my final form. 600×480 px
So I guess class is excused now 173×254 px
Splits leave boys in awww… 898×560 px
Raiders. 636×315 px
Sent a picture of what i pumped to my husband, this was his reply! 1024×1054 px
Well then × px
That’s genius 500×436 px
Nothing slips my watch 600×1846 px
The toughest Thanksgiving dilemma 750×2387 px
“And whatchu gonna do bout it?!” 640×670 px
Obviously the greatest headline ever written × px
If only adults could communicate this well. × px
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