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I… I think she’s melting × px
“Men and melons are hard to know.” -Ben Franklin 618×860 px
My cake after I quit my job 1023×780 px
Happy Birthday! 900×1230 px
The things your parents get you to do as a kid… × px
So…50 percent? 526×537 px
Trick or treat kids. × px
I give you all my chemistry teacher 768×1054 px
On the objectification of women × px
selfies 640×670 px
Every time I go non-meta in LoL 500×277 px
This was the bit of foam that came in my new laptop case… 768×1054 px
nothing out of the ordinary here 600×830 px
My school is the WORST with memes 1024×1054 px
Ginger Bread Man 538×711 px
Kitten Hobos × px
Viva la 500×638 px
The struggle is real being Asian on Halloween. What I dress up as and what It end up looking like. × px
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