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The cat has been pretty bad lately, so… × px
Empire strikes back 610×558 px
Award for best protest sign goes to… 480×503 px
PornHub tells great stories 460×690 px
Cool costume from Reddit ends up on Facebook. Wait a minute…… × px
Strong police presence at the Arkansas/Georgia game yesterday 894×834 px
Walked in the bathroom to find our precious child “washing” a book he found. × px
Yeah I’d say so. 480×390 px
Yeah, fuck you dog. × px
As if it could get anymore uncomfortable 1024×1054 px
The lost cyber-crayolas of the mid-1990s × px
The game is rigged 768×1054 px
Perhaps we could think about this one 742×990 px
When I am talking to a girl at the bar and her boobs are hanging out. 660×574 px
I don’t think they’ve noticed each other yet. 1024×1053 px
Friend of mine took an epic picture with Elijah Wood. × px
My dad recently rescued a German Shepherd and asked me to take a nice portrait of her to send to the shelter. Nailed it. 683×1054 px
When my friends tell me I don’t need to post something for my cakeday 251×285 px
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