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Anyone unemployed? 768×1054 px
Decisions, decisions.. 704×990 px
How you can tell I’ve been in a bunch of weddings. 1024×798 px
Impossible love story 497×750 px
Get your ass off my fence! 640×990 px
Why you shouldn’t party too hard around kids with art majors 640×670 px
Wolfram Alpha really IS smart. 690×388 px
This was no accident 375×530 px
Oh…Ok…well I’ll just try again tomorrow then 576×1054 px
Went to visit the family and the dog missed me. He’s majestic 768×1054 px
Bored in line for a roller-coaster and decided to do this because I use my time wisely. 768×1054 px
Nick Offerman was asked “Will you build your own casket before you die”. His response is so perfect. 768×1054 px
You Know You’re In Ireland When… 612×748 px
Car guy priorities. × px
Apparently /r/aww didn’t like my duck picture. 768×1054 px
Almost got excited there….. 768×1054 px
So, my university decided to post these all over the campus. This one was found on the band room door. 900×1230 px
Bad cop no doughnut 640×390 px
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