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Well she does make a valid point 519×651 px
Sprinkle City 752×782 px
First date 620×957 px
When you catch your doppelgänger on TV 830×1507 px
Twilight in a nutshell 392×750 px
I blame Seth McFarlane 685×434 px
When you start eating and… 620×650 px
I’ve made a huge mistake 480×270 px
My sister must have had a rough first day 1024×644 px
Nuclear Chess 400×590 px
Best. Company. Name. Ever. 768×1054 px
Saudi Arabia is more advanced than I thought. 1024×922 px
The Fappening 513×282 px
I asked for some water at the doctor. This is the cup they put it in. 900×1230 px
So who else is going? 580×787 px
Taking the plastic off our brand new TV. You can literally see my SO freaking out 1024×798 px
I am an evil person 576×1054 px
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