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A little help up here? × px
Fuck. 577×1054 px
Trying to learn CSS fixed. 497×373 px
Be excellent to each other. 721×672 px
soaking. i love mormon logic. 692×990 px
Seinfeld on Pop Tarts 460×1054 px
My coworker put a “meat is murder” sticker on my monitor. All it took was a sharper and a bit of correction tape to turn it into a statement that I can stand behind! 872×868 px
The GF turned a stray kitten into a gremlin. 768×1054 px
When I was in highschool attending a class… × px
Not Doctor Who!!!! :( 640×1166 px
Got my first kitten. Did I do good? Does reddit accept me?!? × px
I had no idea what a classy neighborhood I lived in. 900×1230 px
No… NOOOOO!!!! × px
Goddammit 768×1054 px
Tonight, we feast. 765×1054 px
Found this in the $5 cd basket at Walmart × px
Saw this in my newsfeed, good guy domino’s. 960×670 px
Hundreds of Spoons…….hundreds….stuck in this mans lawn. 1023×1054 px
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