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I never feel safer than I do in the bathroom at my parents house. 900×1230 px
Ariel grocery shopping 250×371 px
Deny, deny, deny. 620×884 px
Coffee Shop Bathroom Art 768×1054 px
Who wore it better? 420×590 px
Only “keep calm” statement I can get behind. 500×693 px
I always could relate to Kevin 640×728 px
So my beer froth looks like a map of Earth × px
Hah… Puns ! 640×842 px
The Sandlot 336×237 px
This guy was not amused when I dug up his hiding spot. × px
My wife and I had very different thoughts about the fortune she got at dinner. 1024×798 px
If you lose your shoe at midnight × px
There was only one seat and it was taken so I used my girlfriend × px
master has given weenie a sock. weenie is free. 640×653 px
Stay in school. × px
Your windshield is no match! 400×194 px
No scale, I don’t have a boyfriend yet but thanks for the reminder. 852×1166 px
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