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My grandma printed some photos from her phone. 768×1054 px
My friends wedding picture in the grand cayman last year just got an addition 960×656 px
Be careful when you say “A little off the top”. 1024×798 px
Hiyaaaaaah!!!! × px
I’ll have 2 scoops of vanilla on pine, please! 1024×607 px
Don’t press that left button… × px
Knock, knock… 500×2294 px
With all these rednecks complaining 460×553 px
The New York subway system bans canines unless they can fit in a small bag, so this guy trained his pit-bull to calmly sit in his small bag. 503×588 px
You had one job! × px
That’s an unfortunate name. 1024×1037 px
upgrading 354×1230 px
The neon in my hometown mall’s sign burnt out in the most unfortunate way. 480×750 px
Wife doesn’t think the surgical team will get it. 1024×642 px
Spotted a dad joke at a place selling brooms… × px
Social directions 500×378 px
Best job ever 500×405 px
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