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You left the toilet seat up she said… 1024×795 px
Best ad placement ever 480×365 px
Worst Superhero name ever. 1024×606 px
Selfie with a bad eagle 498×1172 px
Meanwhile in China… × px
Only in Canada 610×286 px
I don’t think it goes there and I’m sorry it fits. 500×530 px
I really had to do a double take × px
So i experienced road head for the first time today, not what i expected… 640×670 px
Avocados 460×796 px
Baby, its cold outside… 576×1054 px
Fucking campers × px
You’re a racist, Charlie Brown 960×570 px
Mango farmers after recent TIL 200×230 px
Still communicates better than my doctor 720×284 px
Grandmother is in town for the holiday. This is hour 10 of her Ferguson fix. You have no idea how loud the TV is. × px
“Who the fuck are you?” “Who the fuck are YOU?” 640×502 px
In NYC right now driving to Long Island 742×582 px
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