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Expert Selfie Taker. 350×508 px
Fashion advice × px
Meet Bropunzel!! 540×385 px
What happens when your parents don’t love you enough [Fixed] 500×530 px
I need this shirt. 248×344 px
My brother sent me this… Sense of right alliance! × px
My life in a picture 471×425 px
Browsing Tinder when suddenly 576×1054 px
It’s almost Halloween. 720×431 px
Uncontacted 620×460 px
Don’t let stereotypes keep you down 500×374 px
Saw this on my news feed from a local rummage sale site…. 576×1054 px
Found this in the bathroom today at work. 768×1054 px
Good advertising. 618×393 px
The situation at my friends apartment right now. 720×990 px
You just came to the wrong neighborhood mother fucker 640×497 px
I Appreciate the Little Things McDonald’s Does 500×530 px
When asked, “How’s school going?” 500×403 px
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