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Drunken bear fighting style 353×154 px
A comma or two is needed here. × px
a majestic, stealthy, cold blooded killer 500×221 px
A look of such wonder 456×670 px
Maybe they had a lot going on… 404×550 px
Just remember: Some senior level manager, probably overpaid, approved this…. 816×490 px
How the UK government convinced scotland to vote NO! × px
I don’t always use photoshop…(repost r/shittyphotoshop) 430×571 px
The more you know × px
Gonna hear about this one!!! Sorry reddit!!! 420×324 px
“I’ll pump the gas you throw away the blinds and my weave” × px
When a post goes from 6000 upvotes to 3000 in under two hours. 600×479 px
My nephew didn’t take the news that his sister is leaving for kindergarten too lightly × px
Forget everything you know 500×780 px
This is my life now 540×990 px
I see what you did there. 640×1166 px
We got a soda fountain in our break room. Someone was trying to send a message… 768×1054 px
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