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There goes my Thanksgiving contribution. 768×1054 px
Give me my space! GAWD! 480×340 px
Doctors hate him! Trucker gives 1 simple tip to remove wrinkles! 654×1054 px
What I send people when they ask what I’m doing for thanksgiving 500×397 px
How about you shut your damn mouth Wendy 405×750 px
In a parallel universe today.. 316×470 px
Old but gold 500×550 px
Someone spilled coffee in Canada 500×697 px
I Fucking Lost It 500×637 px
I don’t think this was the approved choreography for the parade today… 530×299 px
My friend is a teacher and she asked her students to write down any questions they had in Sex Ed… 720×990 px
My wife’s new vacuum can’t make up it’s mind. 816×1254 px
Answering the phone at work today. 500×530 px
I guess Ferguson has a huge Somali population 490×640 px
Good Advice 1024×606 px
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