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Anyway, here’s Wonderwall. × px
told the new lad at work we accidentally bought long grain rice, so he spent half an hour chopping them in half × px
I totally hit dat × px
My local news had one of the best typos ever tonight. × px
Ain’t going to happen Sean × px
Fuck it, nobody’s looking….woohooo !! × px
Behave yourself Jesus. × px
I guess there couldn’t be a more appropriate time than now for this gif. 328×182 px
How it feels paying off student debt. × px
The director of THE LEGO MOVIE posted this on Twitter 1024×668 px
Moments like these are why I miss House × px
I’ll admit it, it’s a cheap joke… 360×1054 px
my life. × px
The difference between Americans and Australians. 849×355 px
I can do this × px
Willie’s words of wisdom 1024×1053 px
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