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I’d like to solve the puzzle please… 480×508 px
Soooo…. 575×1054 px
The inventor of this obviously doesn’t own a cat 345×333 px
My friend has a sense of humor. 576×1054 px
Almost missed this while cleaning 600×830 px
The new banner in our school. The girls are furious. 576×1054 px
Business 600×641 px
Edgard would surf the web all day looking at lady-foxes instead of being with his loving wife who’s right there under that table trying to fix the god damn printer who broke again. 499×780 px
Do it. 600×480 px
proud dude 985×1054 px
At first I was certain it was a face swap 600×553 px
She’s not wrong 400×171 px
The things you see on the road these days… 1024×747 px
Cards Against Humanity – sometimes the stars align perfectly 900×1230 px
And then you realise, you’ve never seen a true sausage fest. 1024×660 px
With some help from the comments i finally found a solution! 1024×607 px
upcoming elections 816×1030 px
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