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Yoda + Ewok = Gizmo 788×830 px
calling upon the Great Power 491×729 px
The story of Shay (almost) eating a corn fritter. 366×1054 px
Where the idea for the new lightsaber in the Star Wars trailer came from. 640×430 px
I don’t think my university has high expectations of us… This was in our exam. × px
Asked my little brother what he wanted for his birthday. He said, “I wanna meet Mega Man”. Wish granted. 450×405 px
Grateful Turkey 1024×832 px
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer! 1024×520 px
Y’all need roof Koreans 1024×861 px
No place like Gary,IN 1024×795 px
Fast food mafia × px
So i work in BestBuy for Samsung, and they sent us a care package for black Friday with this message. 576×1054 px
Get em while they’re wet 400×564 px
Happy Black Friday Everyone. × px
I checked, this gem has never been posted apparently 567×597 px
Texting troubles! 399×630 px
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