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Texting the Ex like.. 540×750 px
I finally made one 768×1310 px
A rejection letter from Playgirl magazine 640×883 px
Gwen Stefani’s funeral home of choice 1024×606 px
Holy Water Car Wash 484×282 px
Student driver 640×990 px
I do wut I want 362×711 px
No, this is the safest place in Ferguson. 800×630 px
Rival Cells… 714×1018 px
This has been a public service announcement 540×590 px
I ain’t no commie 600×429 px
Shit. 640×1166 px
Found my portfolio from 4th grade, this was the best thing in it. × px
She means well… 640×1166 px
I’m having a Holiday party this evening. That’s all, not a costume party. Just got this snapchat from my buddy… 640×1166 px
Everytime I get downvoted to oblivion and can’t decide whether or not to delete my post. 843×663 px
“OH Dear…honey, i think they’re about to blow up the plane. God help us.” 540×570 px
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