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What?! 480×830 px
My friend’s daughter is teething. 600×480 px
Today is the day! 639×583 px
Relevant 728×576 px
Old Boss had dinner at the table next to me.. Bought my daughter this monstrosity. 720×990 px
Jurassic Andy 1024×547 px
I remember doing this as a kid 540×990 px
Finally, it all makes sense 640×476 px
Girls can’t play football (soccer) 405×750 px
The days of taking a shit in peace are over 576×1054 px
Nope, it’s science 477×928 px
A lawn care company with a sense of humor. 576×1054 px
Man cleaning. 494×1208 px
Pop the trunk 577×1054 px
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