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I was the best man in my friend’s wedding. I was the tallest in the whole wedding party…I’m only 5’10″. This is how I felt. 450×1230 px
My coworker doesn’t appreciate fingerprints on his screen… 1024×798 px
Oh, thats a C. 768×1054 px
My Dad just got back from a trip from China, saw this sign… 640×510 px
A Model Couple Unknown Resolutions px
A wise man once said…. 500×376 px
Rock, scissors, paper? 448×1083 px
How did he do that? 394×296 px
I live with girls. This morning, one of them told me that my side of the bathroom is getting messy and I need to clean it. My side is on the left…. 1024×607 px
So I found this at my dad’s house while searching through his storage. Notice anything hilarious in the background? This game is from the mid-60′s. 1024×798 px
Cat logic 500×405 px
My textbook thinks it’s a comedian. 768×1054 px
Nothing screams safety like dreadlocks flowing in the wind while working on a job site. PR Fail. 768×1054 px
Turns out there were no beaches near the house I stayed at in Hawaii but I’ll be damned if I brought my snorkeling gear all that way for nothing. 1024×606 px
I bet he did 640×990 px
Not today, Ebola 300×290 px
Yes! My favorite band! 391×472 px
Still one of my favourite scenes × px
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