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Work the day before vacation begins. 344×250 px
Comcast – Sorry, no credit. Oh, you’ve read our policies before and can link it? Credit given! 1024×606 px
Gets me every time 630×878 px
My friend has the most human looking dog.. × px
Crazy kitten defense 353×239 px
So, who are you again? 904×632 px
After buying my son some fish. Soon….. × px
When people bring doughnuts to work to share. 644×947 px
Sandwich board wisdom 768×1054 px
George Clooney got married in Italy over the weekend. 650×680 px
My new coffee mug for work came today. This is the box it came in. × px
Wrong Crowd 500×243 px
Paused Netflix at the exact wrong moment… 900×1230 px
Redneck + newly pregnant girlfriend = uncomfortable Facebook page. 881×399 px
Eat it, Mills! 540×671 px
My friend just took the cake for best costume. 960×990 px
Pet cat can play ! 300×225 px
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