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Grandmother is in town for the holiday. This is hour 10 of her Ferguson fix. You have no idea how loud the TV is. × px
“Who the fuck are you?” “Who the fuck are YOU?” 640×502 px
In NYC right now driving to Long Island 742×582 px
I feel it… 640×1166 px
My history homework for the weekend. 768×1054 px
Man reviews 30lbs. of Sour Patch Kids on Amazon. Not disappointed. 1024×577 px
They do save lives. 575×1230 px
Oh how the tables have turned! 800×636 px
My friend gave me a canvas and said I had “full artistic freedom” 1024×798 px
Give me five,sweetie. 320×396 px
Beats by Dre = franks and beans 480×510 px
How does my hair look? 426×456 px
I decorated my neighbors car.. I think they’ll like it. × px
Billy 499×780 px
Watermelon Rubberband Russian Roulette 281×201 px
Found black Waldo on Google Maps × px
The wife is accusing me of being distant this evening 640×740 px
Missed opportunity, Wal-Mart. 1024×607 px
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