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Well would you look at the time 500×360 px
This…this isn’t normal? 640×990 px
“I only date tall guys” 840×1290 px
Now that I’m done taping the plastic in place, I’ll just cut the excess off with the….. Darn 576×1054 px
This postal code made my day 1024×605 px
They said we could never win… But when we did… 575×411 px
yuh boy clinton bout to drop his new album 1024×708 px
Haha this is awesome 631×990 px
Lil bro trying to make himself a sandwich 900×1230 px
The resemblance is unbelievable × px
What I pictured when my wife suggested we put our son in dance 344×457 px
A girl at my school just posted her senior pic. Someone is enjoying the experience. 960×990 px
Gingerbread crack house 600×480 px
My best friend wore a colander on her head to the DMV when she went to get her license picture taken, and when they initially objected she responded that she was a “devout Pastafarian” and taking the bowl off would violate her religious beliefs. 642×1054 px
I don’t think the merchandising crew at my local Home Depot thought this one through. 576×1054 px
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